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A life-long love affair with jewelry

Color, Texture, Interest...I love it all!

I love jewelry. There I've said it.

I love Fifth Avenue jewelry stores in Manhattan but came to realize that women can be just as elegant in jeans as they can at black tie's just different. I aspire to give you opportunities for your style and inner beauty to shine.


I began making jewelry when I was 11 years old. At some point I switched to buying instead of making.

For years I wandered in and out of jewelry stores around the country admiring the work of others. Then in 2004 I started making jewelry again after completing a U.S. tour as a press secretary in General Wesley Clark's Presidential Campaign. Now I collect stones and interesting pieces wherever I go.

In the past my primary work has been in marketing and communications. I've also acted in films and modeled in Paris and New York. It was during that time when I learned how to take chances in dressing and accessorizing. I expanded beyond my traditional comfort zone. In dressing, just as in life, we can do so much more than we think we can.

I aim for elegance and surprise. I think it works. I've been stopped all over the country by people who want to know where I got "that necklace". It will happen to you, too.

I especially love working with clients to design unique pieces for them. If you or someone special in your life has a special occasion coming up, please call. It will be great fun to create a piece together.

Hollywood producers, politicians and doctors, sports enthusiasts, working women and women of style own my work, I'm scheduled to have work in an upcoming TV series. Stay tuned!

Thanks for your interest, and I'm always available to help you make your jewelry dreams come true.